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  1. Hi Schroeder Brothers,
    This is probably one of the strangest request you’ve received in a long time, but I am trying to track down my family tree on my mother’s Schroeder side.
    Her maiden name was Juanita Schroeder, daughter of Arthur Schroeder, son of Henry Schroeder.
    I had a conversation with my grandfather, Arthur Schroeder, many years ago talking about when he was young and living in Chicago and moved to a farm around 1900-1902 with his Father Henry Schroeder and his mother Theresa located about 12 miles outside of Antigo, Wisconsin. Arthur’s younger brother was born on the farm during that time. His name was Herman Henry Schroeder. Henry, Herman’s father, would have been about 26 years old in 1900. He came from Prussia, Germany. Their family attended the only Catholic church in Antigo, at that time, St. Hyacinth.
    Well, as Gramps story goes, things didn’t work out for Henry and they moved their family back to Chicago a few years later around 1903.
    Not sure if you have any info that might shed some light on my family tree, either way, I appreciate any tidbits of info you might have about that time period.
    Best Regards, Thank you!
    Bob Waldron
    714-317-5496 cell
    PS–too bad Great Grandpa Henry didn’t stick around, you guys have done an outstanding job on your business.

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